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"Kristene offers a humorous, very real take on life with children, guiding through the mundane and the sublime. Her love of what she does and the children she helps shines through every word; her supportive, real approach to those big feelings gives adults a new view of them--and kids a new way to learn to work through them. For any family wanting fresh, evidence-based, playful, and bonding experiences, her talk will leave you energized to begin a journey of mindfulness--together!" --Summer, BIG FEELINGS, little bodies workshop.

"I really enjoyed this workshop. Kris provides a warm, personable atmosphere that makes it really easy to self-examine with a minimum of self-judgement. I had several good "a-ha!" moments. I really enjoyed the role-plays and the insights that came from them." --Angie, Whole Brain Parenting workshop.

"Kris was a wonderful, kind, and gentle teacher. She created a pre-meditation curriculum that really captures kids' attention. She took many adult concepts in meditation and brought them down to the appropriate age for the kids in the class, giving them hands-on techniques to practice focusing on their breath, focusing their minds, and calming their bodies. We came home with tools that we now use every day. At a play date, my five-year-old became a little overwhelmed with excitement, so he stopped and used one of the meditation techniques from class to calm himself down. Then he tried to teach the technique to his friend." --Brenda, Family Mindfulness (formerly Pre-Meditation) classes.


"Practicing breathing exercises as a group in class helped to introduce and normalize the practice, and was a jumping board for starting the practice more regularly at home."  --Shannon, Family Mindfulness (formerly Pre-Meditation) classes.

"My 11-month twin boys have been loving their baby sign language classes. In addition to teaching signs and singing songs, Kris really pays attention to each child and gives us tips every week to help their motor skills. We look forward to the class every week!" --Jenn, Baby Play Group classes.


"Because of Kristene’s experience in early childhood development and education, she isn’t only teaching us baby sign language, she is also giving me very specific and solid advice for my daughter’s development. This is my second daughter and a very different being than my first, which is at times confusing for me. Kristene has helped reassure me and has given me tools to support her with her next steps.  I highly recommend this class." --Melissa, Baby Playgroup classes.


"I had no idea how to raise a baby with special needs. I was looking for signs from somewhere to tell me it would be ok. So I was invited to Kris’s class when my daughter was 3 weeks old; that day I saw Kris singing to the kids I was like 'Is she an angel and sent to me?' A year later she was my daughter’s teacher. She was very patient and very caring with all the kids. She taught me that my daughter will go as far in her life as long as she wants to go. She taught me how to accept my daughter’s disability and enjoy her. She taught me that my daughter is special not because she is 'special needs' because she is my daughter and she is an individual. Most importantly she was there to listen without judging me." --Bae, Early Intervention services.



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