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Welcome! I'm Kris, and my mission is to help the next generation feel more compassionate, connected, and competent than the last. I do this through helping parents learn ways to co-regulate with their kids (also known as, "letting your kid borrow your brain"), learning how to celebrate mistakes, and being kind and compassionate with yourself first. Want to learn more? Check out one of my children's books, sneak a peek at my blog, or set up a complimentary phone call to see how I can help your family connect on a deeper level and uncover the joy that's (still) lurking underneath all that chaos!

The Bell Bowl

The first book of The Family Mindfulness Series has been published! Join Mom, Corbin and Kyla as they learn how to feel more connected...through simple mindful techniques. You can get your copy on Amazon now

The second book in the "Family Mindfulness" series is out! Follow Kayla, Corbin, and Mom to see how easy activities can introduce mindful practices...and how those practices can be practical! Get your copy on Amazon today!

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Looking for a speaker for your next event?

Kristene has had several speaking engagements in the community, including 4 Cs, Parent Nursery School, and most recently Preschool Family. Her signature talk, "Big Feelings, little bodies," touches on how development, self-regulation, and mindfulness intersect in parenting.  She also tailors presentations, speaking on a variety of parenting topics from Baby Signs® to development to raising twins.

Contact Kristene to find out how she could benefit your next event!

Kristene is a mother of twins, has a Master's Degree and California Teaching Credential in Early Childhood Special Education, graduate-level training in psychotherapy (Dramatherapy), and training in mindful education through Mindful Schools.

Photo by Brandon Busa

My mission is to help the next generation be more compassionate, caring, and competent than the last. 

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