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I work with thoughtful parents who want gentle parenting to work, but find they keep reverting to yelling and time outs...and they feel bad about it. I help them see things in a different light, transforming that guilt into calm confidence.


With over 30 years of teaching and my own experience as a mom of twins, I walk parents through a step by step framework that helps them see what's going on under the surface, connect with their child, and become the amazing parent their child deserves.

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Nice to Meet You

Kristene has 30+ years of experience teaching, a Master’s degree in education, and specialized training in early intervention, psychology, and mindfulness. She brings this and more to the table, standing by your side to tailor advice to learn how gentle parenting techniques can work for your unique family.

A parent educator/coach, public speaker, and early intervention specialist, above all else Kristene is a very proud mama who loves hanging out with her teenage twins. She combines training in psychology, education, and mindfulness with expertise from high-profile figures in neuroscience and parenting. Kristene developed the S.C.U.B.A. method out of a desire to create a simple, easy-to-remember, evidence-based approach to boost parents’ compassion, connection, and confidence. Author of four books (and counting), she's recognized by prestigious publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.



1:1 for when you need a little more experience to help you find your feet again.


Let Kristene help your school, company or organization expand your knowledge on children’s behavior!


To say Kristene’s contribution to our family was absolutely invaluable is an understatement. Please be assured, I’m not exaggerating. As part of the Parent Lab program, she helped us learn to connect to my husband’s toddler, understand his challenges, and understand ourselves as parent/ stepparent. This was integral while coping with high conflict in split custody, with zero information about kiddo’s experience in his other home. She did this with a breadth of knowledge, compassion, and guidance that produced confidence in our ability to meet kiddo’s needs, support his emotional growth, and help him regulate his huge toddler feelings with competence and compassion. I believe her work with our family helped us create a foundational relationship that will support kiddo’s connections and development lifelong.

Lisa T


The S.C.U.B.A. Approach

The S.C.U.B.A. Approach: Dive Deep Into Your Child's

From toddlers hitting to teens slamming doors, parents struggle to handle the rollercoaster ride as our little ones inevitably grow up. But each behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. The S.C.U.B.A. Approach helps you look beneath the surface, to See the Child Under the Behavior, and Adapt.

Cuddle Meditation

Cuddle Meditation: How to Build Self-Soothing Skills with Snuggles (Family Mindfulness)

If you are a parent or work with young children, you know how quickly they can go from calm calamity! As frustrating as this can be for the adults in their life, there are reasons why our little ones have such a hard time with their big feelings.

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