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You've read all the books, you've talked with friends, heck, you've even tried workshops and classes.

And you still feel stuck.

You're not alone! Parenting is a really hard gig, and all of us have times when we feel overwhelmed. That's where parent coaching comes in.

I offer 1:1 services (virtually as well as in-person for those in the San Francisco Bay Area) for those times when you need a shoulder, an ear, and a little bit of experience to help you find your feet again.

Keep in mind that parenting challenges are rarely "fixed" in one hour. Explore some of the plans I've put together to make sure you get the level of support you need so you and your kid can start connecting again!

A Loving Hug
  • Available Online

    1:1 for when you need a little more experience to help you find your f...

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    1 hr

    From 150 US dollars
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