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Workshops & Training

For Parents


BIG FEELINGS: little bodies

Parents know that a secure and loving attachment is important.

What they don’t understand is the neurological significance of creating that. In this talk, parents will learn how:

• They can address this vital element of their children’s

early development

• How crucial a healthy attachment is for overall development

• Why mindfulness and meditation are good for growing brains

• Benefits of a regular mindful practice for children and

parents alike

• Four take-home calming techniques their child can use now


Baby Signs(R) Program

   This workshop is perfect for expecting parents, new parents, or parents of infants. It provides details on the Baby Signs(R) Program, the research behind it, an introduction to some useful beginning signs, and even a personalized Baby Signs(R) plan to start signing with their baby!


Introduction to Sensory Integration

   An introduction to Sensory Integration, how it affects our children (and ourselves), and ideas on how to help children stay regulated.  An excellent presentation for parents with children of any age.

Stepping Stones

      Are you wondering what the steps are to your child taking, well, steps?  This presentation goes through more than just what to expect and when.  It also provides information on how each new milestone builds on all those tiny steps taken along the way. Workshops focus on 0-12 months and 12-24 months.





For Professionals:


ECE training also available, including Center Certification in Baby Signs(R).







Learn why that avocado smear is something to smile about in, "Intro to Sensory Integration!"

Why crawling is more important than you thought!

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