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Let's Grow Together

Baby Play Groups with Baby Signs(R)



You want what's best for your baby (or babies!), but you're not quite sure what that is.  When do these amazing little beings start to walk?  Eat on their own?  When will they tell us what they like and don't?  And WHY are they crying all the time?!?


These groups are designed to help you connect with other families, increasing support and community. The classes are loosely structured, with activities tailored specifically for each child based on her/his development. Each week as I get to know your baby (or babies) better, I will give you specific ideas of what you can do to support that development. We will talk about the importance of mindfulness in parenting, how to support your baby's growth and development, and create a supportive environment with other parents. We will also use the Baby Signs(R)* program to facilitate communication and promote connection with your little one. And as with all things, we'll take the time to simply breathe together!


The groups run in 6-week courses. Rockers & Rollers is for babies 0-12 months, Walkers & Talkers is for babies 12-36 months.  

I'm excited to be offering these classes in the community again!


Sept. 13 - Oct. 18

10:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto

Room 8








*In 1982, Drs. Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn realized that babies used simple gestures to communicate long before they were able to use words.  After two decades of research, they found some clear benefits!  The Baby Signs(R) Program:

-Jumpstarts verbal language development

-Promotes early literacy

-Boosts intellectual achievement as measured by IQ at age 8--a full 12 points

-Decreases frustration and aggression at home and in the classroom

-Increases adults' respect for babies' abilities

-Strengthens the parent-child relationshipFosters positive social-emotional development


*If you are interested in learning more about using sign language with your baby, try these videos!



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